Future Energy Hub.

The main concept of the DigiTwins4PEDs project is to use Urban Digital Twins as a digital representation of the real world, opening up a wide range of possibilities for modeling the energy aspects of cities.

This innovative approach aims to create a platform for residents and stakeholders to exchange information, enabling them to visualize various PED scenarios before their actual implementation.


10 Partners

4 case studies

4 countries

2,5 years


About the project

DigiTwins4PEDs is expected to contribute in advancing knowledge, best practices and experience related to planning and realisation of PEDs to manage the challenge of energy flexibility.

The applied modelling tools within DigiTwins4PEDs will analyse these flexibility-related elements in co-design and co-creation with the stakeholders to a citizen-led shift toward PEDs. DigiTwins4PEDs will further assist in broadening the universal knowledge about Cities for future research.

Our Case Studies

City Spotlight: Dive into the Transformative Stories of DigiTwins4PEDs in Stuttgart, Wrocław, Rotterdam, and Vienna – A Global Exploration of Urban Energy Innovation.





Project Partners

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